Rural locations around the globe are searching for ways to survive in a changing world. In Newfoundland and Labrador, the collapse of the 400-year-old cod fishery has threatened the economic and cultural viability of most rural communities. Fogo Island and Change Islands, among the oldest settlements in Canada, are no exception.

Shorefast is a Canadian registered charity dedicated to building cultural and economic resilience on Fogo Island. Through its daughter organization, the Fogo Island Inn, Shorefast is building on the culture and ecology of the Island to create a leading geo-tourism destination.

As a charitable program of Shorefast, Fogo Island Arts is bringing international attention to Fogo Island by organizing projects involving leading artists and scholars working at the intersections of art, heritage and social enterprise. Fogo Island Arts programs are a driving force in the creation of opportunities to learn and innovate while developing new ways of approaching business in rural communities.


shorefast is the line and mooring used to attach a cod trap to the shore. It is a strong symbol of the cod fishing heritage of the islands and a metaphor for being bound to place and community. Shorefast chose this name because it symbolizes our belief in the importance of community and culture, and in the power of authentic connections between individuals and their communities, to culture and physical place.

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