Fogo Island Arts (FIA) is a contemporary arts and ideas organization on Fogo Island, located in Newfoundland & Labrador. Though Fogo Island is a settler community, it’s important to know that its territory is part of the ancestral homelands of the Beothuk and the island of Newfoundland is the ancestral homeland of the Mi’kmaq and Beothuk. We also take this opportunity to recognize the Inuit of Nunatsiavut and NunatuKavut and the Innu of Nitassinan, and their ancestors, as the original people of Labrador. 

Founded in 2008 as an artists residency program, Fogo Island Arts was created with the conviction that art and artists have the capacity to instigate social change and offer new perspectives on issues of contemporary concern. By facilitating collaborations and connections between a local and international network of practitioners and thinkers, Fogo Island Arts aims to provide relevant insights on questions of human relationships with place, nature, financial capital, and one another.

Fogo Island Arts’ residency program has grown into a full program of exhibitions, public programs, publications and focused research programs including the Fogo Island Dialogues and Summer Workshops, all of which aim to bridge connections between local and wider global communities. 

Fogo Island Arts is a charitable program of Shorefast, a registered Canadian charity with the mission to build economic and cultural resilience on Fogo Island, making it possible for local communities to thrive in the global economy. 

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Fogo Island

Fogo Island is an outport community: a small, remote coastal settlement unique to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Fogo Islanders are people of the sea who have made their living by fishing the frigid and often unforgiving waters of the North Atlantic. 

A non-capital-accumulating society until the latter decades of the 20th century, Fogo Islanders sustained themselves for generations by fishing as families and relying on an unrelenting sense of resourcefulness fed by a profound love of place. This history of relative isolation and self-sufficiency has shaped Fogo Islanders and the Fogo Island of today, and continues to inform the island’s economy and culture.

While Fogo Island is a settler community, its territory is part of the ancestral homelands of the Beothuk, and the island of Newfoundland (Ktaqmkuk) is the ancestral homeland of the Mi’kmaq and Beothuk. FIA also recognizes the Inuit of Nunatsiavut and NunatuKavut and the Innu of Nitassinan, and their ancestors, as the original people of Labrador.

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In this age of instability, inequality, and environmental crisis, artists’ contributions to culture, society and knowledge production are more urgent than ever. By offering new perspectives and ideas, artists can help us make sense of the world, refine our attention, and shift conventional thinking. Fogo Island Arts continues to focus on issues of global critical importance and is motivated by the conviction that art and artists make significant contributions to progressive society.


Fogo Island Arts’ international residency program provides opportunities for artists from a wide range of disciplines to live and work on Fogo Island for periods ranging from two to four months. Artists-in-residence are provided with accommodation and studio space, as well as a weekly stipend to offset the costs of materials, shipping, and day-to-day living expenses. Most travel expenses are also covered. Artists-in-residence must give one public presentation, performance, workshop, or lead a similar event during their residency.

Most FIA artists-in-residence are selected through invitation and partnerships. A general call for applications for a limited number of residency spots is held every two years, while specific calls for applications made possible through partnerships are released regularly.

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Wilfrid Almendra, Light Boiled Like Liquid Soap, 2016

Brenda Draney, Atlas, 2019. Oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches. Photo courtesy the artist.

Ieva Epnere, On water, wind and faces of stone, 2018

Ieva Epnere

Abbas Akhavan, script for an island, 2019

Fogo Island Arts’ exhibition program includes major solo commissions and site-specific installations by selected participants of FIA’s international residency program. Exhibitions are presented at the Fogo Island Gallery, a 1200-square-foot space located in the Fogo Island Inn, as well as at offsite locations as part of FIA’s international outreach.

An artist monograph produced by FIA in collaboration with Sternberg Press (Berlin) accompanies most major exhibitions, helping to provide critical context for the understanding of each artist’s work.

In addition to major commissions, FIA invites emerging artists-in-residence to create a site-specific installation at the Fogo Island Gallery as the culmination of their residency. Emerging artist exhibitions are shorter in length and designed to foster space for experimentation and spontaneous intervention. They also provide mentorship opportunities through contact with FIA staff and Advisory Board members.

Gallery hours: 12 pm – 5 pm, Tuesday & Thursday
Admission is free


Digital Programs

In response to the unprecedented social and economic impacts of the global pandemic on artists and arts professionals, this platform for discussion and engagement is an opportunity to support participants by offering fees, strengthening capacity to build networks, and increasing the exposure of work and ideas. Furthermore, by hosting programs online, FIA hopes to connect more geographically varied audiences and provide alternative modes for engaging with FIA’s programming. The Digital Program has three main facets:

The Lost & Found Agency features artists, professionals, and researchers from a variety of disciplines to hold a monthly public conversation and lecture series online. Events range from formal lectures to informal participatory conversations that encourage exchange in a peer-to-peer learning environment. The Lost & Found thematic engages key thinkers and makers addressing themes pertaining to decolonization, the climate crisis, alternate economies, reciprocity, new forms of democracy and democratic engagement, migration, and consensus building in the age of fake news, among other topics of the participants choosing.

The Digital Residency is a new virtual program that will offer opportunities, three months long in duration,  for artists, writers, filmmakers, curators, organizers, and other cultural workers. Selected participants will be offered the freedom to program a central part of the website and feature content of their choosing with the support or collaboration of FIA staff. Participants are offered a stipend in order to assists and encourage new production, as well as opportunities for exchange, exposure, collaboration and mentorship with members of FIA’s community.

The FIA Network, is an ever growing web that traces the work of FIA team and alumni beyond Fogo Island’s shores. The network serves as a central and active archive to circulate information about exhibitions, awards, appointments, publications, and other work produced by the FIA community.

In addition to public programs, regular sessions will be held internally for Shorefast staff and Fogo Island community members. While focused on art and contemporary ideas, these programs will be tailored towards issues of local concern, emphasizing open exchange, education, and capacity building for staff members and guests who may be less familiar with art.

FIA Network

Digital Residencies

Lost & Found Agency


Fogo Island Arts presents regular programs on Fogo Island, including artist talks, film screenings, open studios, educational workshops and special projects. Selected programs are presented in cities across Canada and abroad, including the Fogo Island Dialogues interdisciplinary conversation series, as part of FIA’s international outreach.

Fogo Island Dialogues

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Fogo Island Arts’ monographic publication series accompanies major solo exhibitions and commissions presented at the Fogo Island Gallery. The volumes provide extended consideration of an artist’s work in formats including critical essays, interviews, experimental writing and fiction. Combined with installation views, process documentation and artist contributions, FIA publications serve as a record of the artist’s time on Fogo Island and their creative contributions that can be disseminated internationally.

The series is co-published with Sternberg Press (Berlin), with graphic design by Markus Weisbeck Studio.

Fogo Island Arts produces limited editions in collaboration with selected artists who have participated in a residency. Proceeds from the sales of FIA Editions support Fogo Island Arts and its parent organization Shorefast, a registered Canadian charity.

FIA is grateful to the artists who have generously donated their work in support of FIA initiatives.


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