Group Exhibition

In limbo: reflections, labyrinths, and a small archive

September 10 – September 30 , 2021 
Fogo Island Gallery

In limbo showcases a brief display of the Fogo Island Arts (FIA) and the Fogo Island Workshops’ physical archive from 2008-2021. Positioned in a peculiar moment of re-opening and reorienting, this exhibition highlights prototypes, artist editions, printed matter, alumni publications, new digital programs, and a small bibliography. Teetering between where we have been and where we are going now, the questions from the title of the 65th Jahresring; “What do we know?”  “What do we have?”  “What do we miss?” and “What do we love?” sit quite well in the gallery. In limbo materializes a subtle maze through time and space, and hints that building a program – or a chair – is a process of constant evolving, constructing, and deconstructing.  



Fogo Islanders are people who, by virtue of their centuries of geographic isolation, have become highly skilled at making things by hand, recycling, and devising local solutions to all manners of challenges. Since the beginning of European settlement in the late 1600s, Fogo Islanders have been building wooden boats, houses, tools, and furniture. The textile traditions of the Island include knitting, quilting, hooking mats, crocheting, and sewing. Starting in 2010, artists and designers from away were invited to come to Fogo Island to learn about the island, experience this powerfully elemental place, walk the landscape and most importantly, to meet and work with the people who make their lives here. These encounters resulted in collaborations on the design and production of the furniture, textiles, and furnishings for the Fogo Island Inn and formed the genesis of the Workshops on Fogo Island. 

The Workshops continue and expand this collaboration into a brand-new line of furniture and furnishings that are available for purchase and use beyond the shores of Fogo Island so that more people can enjoy these objects. 

This exhibition was curated by: Micaela Dixon (FIA, Programme Coordinator), Mikaela Kautzky (FIA, Programme Coordinator) and Cody Ramseyer (Fogo Island Workshops).