Fogo Island Dialogues: Culture as Destination

The next iteration of the Fogo Island Dialogues, “Culture as Destination” takes place this weekend (November 17–19) at MAK — Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art in Vienna, Austria.

The Fogo Island Dialogues are a series of international and interdisciplinary conferences that bring together key thinkers, arts professionals, academics, economists, geographers, planners, architects whose knowledge and experience bring value to discussions of issues related to the livelihood and renewal of rural locations. 

Fogo Island Dialogues: Culture as Destination considers the digital as a place where modes of knowledge consumption have been challenged and have complicated the status quo. Especially as it relates to the tensions between it and a more physically rooted place that sees things actually produced, and objects, people, and places interacted with. Through this framework, Culture as Destination examines the digital as a destination, and by extension, as one associated with a notion of the Museum without Walls. To what extent does the digital enable or augment the notion of the ‘museum without walls’? And then how can this museum act as a destination (for knowledge) while emphasizing the movement, flux, and dissemination of cultural knowledge and reception?

This three-day series of presentations, workshops and dialogues in Vienna will address subjects such as: theories of tourism; a proposition towards using the example of Fogo Island as a catalyst for the exploration and understanding of other locations; a reformulation of the concept of ‘destination’ as a result of climate change; technological innovation and material design as part of an invention of culture; the function of architecture within the framework of sustainability; and technological innovation and material design as part of an invention of culture.

View/download the program here (PDF)