Hannah Rickards: Grey light. Seldom Community Hall


Fogo Island Arts Edition
Artist: Hannah Rickards (b. 1979)
Title: Grey light. Seldom Community Hall
Digital print, unframed
16 x 23 inches (40.64 x 58.42 cm)
Edition of 10 plus 2 artist’s proofs
$1,800 CAD

Hannah Rickards’ Grey light. Seldom Community Hall is a diagrammatic scale representation of the ceiling of Seldom Community Hall on Fogo Island. The hall served as the basis for the London-based artist’s major commission Grey light. Left and right back, high up, two small windows (2014), a two-screen projected video installation with eight channels of sound. The work is a choreography for camera and two performers based on recordings of the hall. Atmospheric conditions, ambient sounds and the physical parameters of the hall presented on one screen act as a score, informing a series of gestures and interactions between the performers on the second screen. The hall itself has borne witness to countless gatherings and significant events during which a community defines itself internally and to the outside world. Capturing the space and sounds of the hall as well as these more unseen elements, Rickards’ work performs an act of translation of natural and social phenomena.

In Grey light. Seldom Community Hall, what first appears as a perfectly regular grid of fluorescent lights and ventilation systems reveals subtle deviations. The grid can be read as a minimalist composition as well as a musical score, a series of visual elements intended for translation into sound. The print also captures something of the messiness of life; that which exceeds boundaries or cannot be contained. Like Rickards’ installation, the print alludes to the unseen formation of a community over time and space.

Grey light. Left and right back, high up, two small windows was presented at the Fogo Island Gallery from September 24, 2014 to April 12, 2015 and is the subject of Grey light. Left and right back, high up, two small windows in FIA’s publication series from 2016.

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