Mark Clintberg: Passion Over Reason / La passion avant la raison


Fogo Island Arts Edition
Artist: Mark Clintberg
Title: Passion Over Reason / La passion avant la raison
Limited-edition series of handmade quilts
Dimensions and colours variable
$5,500 CAD

Conceived and designed by Mark Clintberg.

Made by the Winds and Waves Artisans’ Guild including Beverley Budden, Donna Rowe, Judy Snow, Lillian Dwyer, Maddy Adams, Margaret Freake, Millicent Dwyer, Pat Dawe, Rita Penny, Sharon Reid, Sheila Payne, Violet Adams, Tina Payne, Violet Combden, Wilhelmina Hewitt, and Zita Foley.

Produced by Fogo Island Arts in partnership with Mark Clintberg, the Winds and Waves Artisans’ Guild, Fogo Island Inn, and Shorefast.

Passion Over Reason / La passion avant la raison (2014-) is a limited-edition series of handmade quilts conceived and designed by Mark Clintberg and produced by Fogo Island Arts in partnership with Winds & Waves Artisan’s Guild, Shorefast and the Fogo Island Inn.

The project responds to Canadian artist Joyce Wieland’s pivotal works Reason Over Passion and La raison avant la passion of 1968, a pair of quilts that echoed the words and political philosophy of then-Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. While living in New York City, Wieland created the French version of the quilt as a personal gift to Trudeau; it was made in collaboration with other Trudeau supporters living in the US who gathered for a quilting bee to produce the piece.

By working with a committed group of local craftspeople Clintberg draws attention to the importance of craft and the aesthetic in daily life. Finally, this project speaks to the social, cultural and economic objectives underlying Shorefast’s commitment to creating conditions for long-term sustainability of contemporary rural communities.

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