August 28, 2016
2:00-3:30 PM
Red Shed, Shoal Bay
Free; reservations required

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Rearviews is the collaborative publication project of Xenia Benivolski and Danielle St-Amour. Rearviews reviews exhibition reviews, inviting repeated critical address of the review format itself. For each iteration of Rearviews, a new selection of artists, writers, curators and scholars are invited to respond to a piece of art criticism. In an effort to think through the various temporal, conceptual and linguistic positions of the review, Rearviews provides a platform for questions about what critical writing is, and what it can be. For this workshop, St-Amour will talk through the past issues of Rearviews, and invite participants to collaboratively respond to a recent review, through conversation. The resulting notes will be collected and designed into a PDF to be shared with the workshop participants.

Danielle St-Amour is an artist, writer, and curator based in Toronto, who works predominately with collaborative projects and platforms. She is the co-editor of Rearviews, and recently guest-edited the Autumn 2015 issue of C Magazine, “Poetry,” alongside Kari Cwynar and cheyanne turions. She has worked as an editor and publications advisor with Kunstverein Toronto, and is a member of the editorial advisory board at C Magazine. In 2013 she co-curated the exhibition TO BECOME WHOLE at The Banff Centre, with writer and art historian Robin Simpson. From 2008-2013, she was a member of the experimental publishing collective palimpsest. St-Amour participated in the Banff Research in Culture Institute, 2014, and the Critical Arts Writing Symposium at the Banff International Curatorial Institute in 2015. She regularly publishes arts writing and criticism nationally and internationally. St-Amour is currently the Director of Art Metropole, Toronto.

To register please contact [email protected].

Image: Screenshot of Rearviews 4 working document, 2016