Stories of Social Distancing 10: Geoff Butler

During this temporary postponement of FIA residencies and programs, we have invited former artists-in-residence to submit texts, images, stories and thoughts exploring how they are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; how their daily life or community has been disrupted; how they are dealing with isolation and the concept of social distancing; as well as how they are looking ahead to healthier and undoubtably transformed times. Thanks to all who have contributed to this ongoing series and stay safe.

Geoff Butler, May 4 
FIA artist-in-residence, 2012

Here is my response to your request for Stories of Social Distancing. My daily studio practice hasn’t changed that much since news of the pandemic came to light, except in one significant way: I have been prompted to do art related to the pandemic that I otherwise would not have done. I’ve attached an image of one of these paintings, Begone, fiend! COVID-19. Hope all is well on Fogo Island. I think of it often.
Image: Geoff Butler, Begone, Fiend! COVID-19, 2020.