Zin Taylor: Stripes and Dots Pyjamas


The result of a collaboration between Toronto-based designer and maker Jeremy Laing and Canadian-born, Paris-based, contemporary artist and Fogo Island Arts alumnus Zin Taylor, these 100% cotton unisex pyjamas comfortably blur the lines between night and day, art and fashion, statement and silence.

The pyjamas are inspired by Zin Taylor’s exhibition The Story of Stripes and Dots (Chapter 5)featuring works Taylor created during his residency with Fogo Island Arts. Taylor conceives his sculptural components—stripes and dots in many variations—as words in a sentence, the articulation of which can be ongoing. Jeremy Laing took over Taylor’s narrative and added his own ideas about a stripe and a dot and how they connect with his design vision.

Taylor’s exhibition at the Fogo Island Gallery is also the subject of the volume Zin Taylor: Lichen Voices/Stripes and Dots (2013) in FIA’s publication series.

To purchase Stripes and Dots Pyjamas, please visit the Woodshop on Fogo Island.