Fogo Island Arts and Sobey Art Foundation Partnership

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Fogo Island Arts is pleased partner with the Sobey Art Foundation in support of contemporary Canadian artists. One of the 25 artists long-listed annually for the Sobey Art Award will be awarded a residency on Fogo Island as part of Fogo Island Arts’ international residency program.

FIA is the inaugural residency partner of the Sobey Art Award, which will benefit from increased funding for artists in 2018 as well as two additional international residencies, with the mandate to expand opportunities and exposure for Canadian artists internationally.

The Sobey Art Foundation’s support is a significant contribution to Fogo Island Arts’ Patrons Program, a major fundraising campaign launched in 2016 to support FIA programs and initiatives. The partnership between Fogo Island Arts and the Sobey Art Foundation reflects a shared understanding of the critical role that contemporary art plays in enriching and revitalizing communities.

The Sobey Art Award is the pre-eminent prize for Canadian artists aged 40 and under. Presented annually, the award celebrates some of our country’s most exciting young artists. Since its inception in 2001, the Sobey Art Award has had an undeniable impact on the careers of young Canadian contemporary artists. Since 2015, the Award has been organized and administered by the National Gallery of Canada.