Fogo Island Arts at TIAF 2014 | Booth # 1202

For the 2014 Toronto International Art Fair, Fogo Island Arts presents a booth conceptualized in collaboration with Ernst Hupel of 2H Interior Design (Ottawa). Hupel, one of the interior design partners for the Fogo Island Inn, has commissioned a series of black wall panels for the Fogo Island Arts stall. Referencing the birch-lined exteriors of Todd Saunders’ iconic artist studios on Fogo Island, the black panels set off a presentation of works by the Fogo Island Gallery’s stable of artists.

Edgar Leciejewski – Rocket

Edgar Leciejewski, Rocket, Variable, found materials and video projection, 2014

Made during his residency on Fogo Island this summer, Edgar Leciejewski’s stunning installation Rocket (2014) brings together delicate sculptures made from detritus thrown up by the ocean, seen against a backdrop of a political montage projection.

Etchings by the ascendant Silke Otto-Knapp share in common with Brussels-based Canadian Zin Taylor the starkly beautiful landscape of Fogo Island used as a backdrop for existential art musings. UK artist, Hannah Rickards presents an edition similarly inspired by the highly specific location of Fogo Island, but makes reference to the ambient experience of the Town Hall in Seldom, a Fogo Island village where every day life is often punctuated by the sound of a fog horn.

A notational, mini-presentation of Kevin Schmidt’s video installation EDM House (2014) a Fogo Island Arts commission, will be accompanied by an edition Schmidt has specially made for the Fair. New Zealand artist, Kate Newby, presents an array of tiny ceramic objects that reference her major installation Let the Other Thing In (2013), an FIA commission that inaugurated the Fogo Island Gallery last spring. Another commission, Passion Over Reason (2014) by Montreal’s Mark Clintberg presents quilts made by seamstresses on Fogo Island appliquéd with the eponymous text—a reversal of Trudeau’s famous epigram, and reference to Joyce Wieland’s 1968 quiltwork that echoes the Prime Minister’s words.

Fogo Island Arts artist monographs on the work of Newby, Taylor, Otto-Knapp, and Schmidt, copublished with Berlin imprint Sternberg Press, as well a book about the Furniture of the Fogo Island Inn, published by the Shorefast Foundation, will be available for purchase at the Fogo Island Arts booth.

Furniture featured in the booth is from the Fogo Island Inn’s handcrafted collection and combines contemporary design with regional Newfoundland traditions in furniture-making—including pieces by the UK’s Glass Hill studio and Dutch designer Ineke Hans.

Finally, bearing witness to Fogo Island’s history as a mediated context, Fogo Island Arts will present a selection of the NFB’s Fogo Process films, made on the island in collaboration with local residents more than 40 years ago.


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