Informal Discussion

Fogo Island Arts Invites you to join us for an informal discussion about the current exhibition at the Fogo Island Gallery: Kate Newby’s Let the other thing in. 

Friday August 30, 7PM
Fogo Island Gallery in the Fogo Island Inn 

Kate Newby’s site-responsive installations are subtle in their poetics and politics. Handcrafted and found objects are often combined with words or phrases to form installations that engage with the particularities of place. The various elements of Let the other thing in — ceramic stones and twigs, wooden platform, museological display cabinet, and wind chimes — were conceived on Fogo Island while Newby was an artist-in-residence for six months, working at the Tower Studio in Shoal Bay.

Newby’s intimate engagement with materials and non-hierarchical involvement with space exhibit a sophisticated understanding of the role that architecture plays in the shaping of thought and perception, our sense of self in the body and in community. By placing works in and outside of the gallery, and citing everyday objects and “non-productive” activities such as skimming stones, Kate’s work draws attention to the small things of life. Her works are often created for a specific time and space, functioning as both object and event, where stories are held within things tangible and intangible.