Fogo Island Arts Weekend May 16-19, 2019

Fogo Island Arts announces its inaugural annual Arts Weekend, May 16-19, 2019. The initiative comprises an ideas-focused weekend of special events, guest speakers, programs, and exhibitions that will involve a diverse set of community members and local organizations to establish an island-wide confluence of artistic activities. 


Art-making and craft are woven into Fogo Island’s social fabric. The remote island has a centuries-old DIY culture that makes it an unparalleled site for creation. Since 2008, Fogo Island Arts’ artist-in-residence program has contributed a new facet to this existing artistic landscape by hosting international contemporary artists and thinkers on Fogo Island. Through ideas shared between community members and artists from away, new perspectives are gained by both groups. The Arts Weekend represents a cumulative perspective on the diversity of artistic practices now flourishing on Fogo Island.

Through encountering long-established craft traditions and contemporary art, landscape and development, and the various ways of knowing, a deeper question will be revealed: in the current state of the world, what has changed about the way we think about art, look at art, and make art?