Critical engagement with the residents of Fogo Island is at the core of our programs. This means we design our educational projects and public events with both local and international audiences in mind. Fogo Island Arts presents art and filmmaking workshops for elementary and high school students attending Fogo Island Central Academy. Workshops for adults and specific community groups are also offered.

Fogo Island Arts’ Educational initiatives have deep roots on the island. The National Film Board of Canada (NFB), an important partner for Fogo Island Arts, is a pioneer in the use of participatory media to initiate community dialogue.

What’s known today as the Fogo Process was an NFB project carried out in the late 1960s, in partnership with the Fogo Island Improvement Committee and Memorial University. Interviews with Fogo Island and Change Islands residents, focusing on the problems facing their communities, were filmed and subsequently used to foster a dialogue amongst themselves and with government officials. Today, the Fogo Process is recognized around the world as prototype for the way media can be used to promote the exchange of ideas leading to social change.

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