How can I participate in a FIA residency?
Artists are invited to participate in a residency or are selected through a call for applications. FIA releases a call for applications every two years, during which time applications are accepted. Please sign up for our mailing list at to receive notification of the next call for applications.

Who can apply for a residency?
FIA residencies are intended for professional contemporary artists with specialized training, recognition among their peers, and a history of public presentation of their work in a professional context. We welcome applications on a biennial basis from Canadian and international contemporary artists working in a wide range of disciplines including visual art, film, arts writing, music/sound, curating, design, and theory. Given the high volume of applications for a limited number of spots, previous artists-in-residence are kindly requested not to apply.

How long is a FIA residency?
FIA typically hosts 15 residencies per year, ranging from one to three months in length. Applications for short-term residencies are not accepted.

Can collaborators, duos, or collectives apply for a residency?

Due to the limited size of our studios and houses, we do not accept applications from groups with more than two members. All residency costs (travel budget, stipend, etc.) will be shared between members.

Are there any other requirements for artists-in-residence?
Obtaining a visa to enter or stay in Canada (if required), is the artist-in-residence’s responsibility. International artists should also obtain health insurance to cover their stay in Canada. Artists should ideally have a valid driver’s license.

What is provided as part of a residency with FIA?

Artists are offered one of four studios as well as accommodation in a traditional saltbox house in one of Fogo Island’s communities. They also receive a weekly stipend to offset the costs of materials, shipping, and day-to-day living expenses. Travel expenses are covered up to a certain amount, and a vehicle is provided for on-island use during the residency. A cell phone is also provided.

What is required from the artist during a residency?
Artists-in-residence are asked to do one public presentation, performance, workshop, or similar event during their residency.

What does it cost to participate in a residency?
There is no fee to the artist-in-residence. There is a specific travel budget, and if this amount is exceeded, the artist is required to cover the overage.

Can I bring my family?
Partners and family members are welcome to visit the artist, however, please note that FIA does not provide any additional support (travel funds, stipend, etc.).

Can I apply to have an exhibition?
Fogo Island Arts presents two exhibitions in the Fogo Island Gallery per year. Selected artists who have previously completed a residency with Fogo Island Arts are invited to present a solo exhibition at the Fogo Island Gallery. We do not accept applications for exhibitions.