Yotaro Niwa

©︎Diarmait Grogan

Yotaro Niwa (b. 1973, Awaji Island, Japan) is a Berlin based artist. The subject matter of his recent work was a complex bricolage, a search for analogies and causality between different visual languages from the fields of natural science and fashion, and included objects from nature and fragments of human creation that he found on a beach and deformed. The images handled here are examples of visual impressions from everyday urban life and believed to reflect human perception: something that is in fact both extended and limited by constantly evolving technology and media. 
He studied at Braunschweig University of Art in Germany after graduating from the master´s degree at Musashino Art University in Japan. He was awarded the fellowship of overseas study programme for Artists by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japanese government, 2009-2011. His work has recently shown at exhibitions including:  einbuchhaus, Berlin, 2020;  Uferhallen, Berlin, 2018;  Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, 2018 and 2015;  Ujeongguk, Seoul, 2017;  Kunstverein München, 2017;  Digital Art Center, Taipei, 2016;  VT Artsalon, Taipei, 2016;  Umetnostna Galerija Maribor, 2015;  Vesselroom Project, Berlin, 2014;  Art Berlin Contemporary, Berlin, 2012;  Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, 2011;  Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, 2010.    

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