In response to the unprecedented social and economic impacts of the global pandemic on artists and arts professionals, this platform for discussion and engagement is an opportunity to support participants by offering fees, strengthening capacity to build networks, and increasing the exposure of work and ideas. Furthermore, by hosting programs online, FIA hopes to connect more geographically varied audiences and provide alternative modes for engaging with FIA’s programming. The Digital Program has three main facets:

The Lost & Found Agency features artists, professionals, and researchers from a variety of disciplines to hold a monthly public conversation and lecture series online. Events range from formal lectures to informal participatory conversations that encourage exchange in a peer-to-peer learning environment. The Lost & Found thematic engages key thinkers and makers addressing themes pertaining to decolonization, the climate crisis, alternate economies, reciprocity, new forms of democracy and democratic engagement, migration, and consensus building in the age of fake news, among other topics of the participants choosing.

The Digital Residency is a new virtual program that will offer opportunities, three months long in duration,  for artists, writers, filmmakers, curators, organizers, and other cultural workers. Selected participants will be offered the freedom to program a central part of the website and feature content of their choosing with the support or collaboration of FIA staff. Participants are offered a stipend in order to assists and encourage new production, as well as opportunities for exchange, exposure, collaboration and mentorship with members of FIA’s community.

The FIA Network, is an ever growing web that traces the work of FIA team and alumni beyond Fogo Island’s shores. The network serves as a central and active archive to circulate information about exhibitions, awards, appointments, publications, and other work produced by the FIA community.

In addition to public programs, regular sessions will be held internally for Shorefast staff and Fogo Island community members. While focused on art and contemporary ideas, these programs will be tailored towards issues of local concern, emphasizing open exchange, education, and capacity building for staff members and guests who may be less familiar with art.

FIA Network

Digital Residencies

Lost & Found Agency